Ge Hong

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Ge Hong, né à Jurong dans la province de Jiangsu, plus connu sous le nom de Ge Zhichuan, et Baopuzi un médecin célèbre et alchimiste mondialement connu, auteur de : Bao Puzi un traité sur l’alchimie, la diététique et certaines pratiques médicales magiques et Zhou Hou Bei Ji Fang « Un Manuel de Prescriptions d’Urgence ». Dans ce dernier ouvrage se trouvent des descriptions précises et des remarques sur les maladies et leur traitement.
1 · Bao Pu Zi Nei Pian
2 · Shen Xian Zhuan
3 · Zhou Hou Bei Ji Fang

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 Ge Hong was a famous physician and Taoist in Jin Dynasty, he wrote the book Internal Piece of Bao Puzi. The paper deals with his characteristic ideas of health preserving in the book: 1. To seek longevity. 2. To advocate to follow virture. 3.To adopt various methods for health preserving.
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 Ge Hong believes hemorrhage from serious traumas may lead to consumption of the body fluid, and should be treated by promoting production of the body fluid and nourishing the blood. Traumas without bleeding will give rise to blood stasis, which should be removedby promoting blood circulation. Elimination of extravasated blood by catharsis should be applied to patients with internal injuries in chest and abdomen, and anodyne used for patients injured as the result of tumbles to promote blood flow and remove blood stasis. He was also the first to apply massage in restoration of dislocated joints, and small splint immobilization for fractures.
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