Guan Jiduo (1916-)
Guan Jiduo was born in Liaoyang, Liaoning Province in 1916. In 1932, he entered the Tianjin School of Chinese Medicine and followed Mr. Chen Zedong, a famous doctor in Tianjin. Two years later he entered the Huabei College of Chinese Medicine in Beijing where he learned acupuncture from Dr. Wu Caiyi for two years. In 1937, he moved to Chengdu and practised medicine there, adopting the combination of acupunc­ture and herbal medicine, and came to be known with his excellent acupuncture treatment. In 1957, he was transferred to the Chengdu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine to work as a teacher. He has carefully performed the textual research on acupoints, advocating the reinforcing and reducing technique based on differentiation according to Jingjin (muscle regions along the twelve regular meridians). He is good at treating various pain syndromes by using finger acupuncture therapy. During the last thirteen years he has treated over fifteen hundred cases of epilepsy with the combina­tion of acupuncture and herbal medicine, the effective rate of which reached 83 percent. He designed and created nonsmoking moxa sticks, which have raised the therapeutic effect of the original moxa sticks and eliminated the smoke and ash. He helped compile Acupuncture and Acupuncture Points. He is now a professor of the Acupuncture Teaching and Research Group of the Chengdu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. (source: Essentials of Contemporary Chinese Acupuncturist Clinical Experience. Beijing : Foreign Languages.1989)