Dr. Li-chun Huang is a well-know authority on Auriculotherapy as well as traditional Chinese Medicine. Graduated from Military College for advanced Studies of Surgery, Beijing, China. Dr. Huang is director of PLA Acupuncture and Acupuncture-Anesthesia Committee of 301 PLA General Hospital in Beijing. She has spent 30 years studying ear acupuncture, and is a pioneer in Auriculotherapy in both fields of diagnosis and treatments. She is a researcher and practitioner and has diagnosed and treated over 150,000 patients including two Prime Ministers of China, President of Italy, hundreds of generals, ministers and ambassadors in China and abroad. She has published more than a dozen auricular research papers and articles, and has trained over ten thousand medical students in the field of auricular acupuncture. Without a doubt, she is a top expert and specialist in Auriculotherapy.