Huang Shengyuan (1913-)
Huang Shengyuan was born in Jianwei County, Sichuan Province, in 1913. He was a student in 1938 at the Specialized Acupuncture Training Course run by Ran Tianming, a renowned acupuncturist then in the city of Chengdu. Having accomplished his study there, he started his own acupuncture practice at Guangming Lane, Chengdu. In 1951, he received further training at the Acupuncture Seminar sponsored by the Chengdu Public Health Society. He was the director of the United Clinic in the Western District of Chengdu, in April, 1956. In the same year, he became a faculty member at the Sichuan Medical College (present-day Western China University of Medicine).Dr. Huang has concentrated on needling techniques and eye problems. He summed up a set of four needling methods based on yin-yang, reinforcing and reducing. Because of his studies of these methods and his success in such studies, he won the third class award for achievement in medical science and technology of Sichuan Province (1984), and the fourth class award for great achievement in science and technology approved by the Sichuan Provincial Government (1985).Dr. Huang is very experienced in treating patients for eye disorders. Such experi­ence over his decades of acupuncture practice has been implemented in the HSY 86  Computer aid therapeutic Programme for Treating Eye Disorders. The system was awarded the third class award for the best achievement in technological research in medicine in Sichuan Province (1986). He has published a number of academic papers. Now, he is an associate professor at the Western China University of Medicine, and the board member and advisor of the Sichuan Acupuncture Society. (source : Essentials of Contemporary Chinese Acupuncturist Clinical Experience. Beijing : Foreign Languages.1989)