Liu Shichang (1914-)

Liu Shichang (1914.9.— ), male, comes from Guangdong Huizhou. Born in an old and well-known family of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Prof. Liu is now a lifelong professor of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, a Ph. D. instructor and a famous Chinese herb doctor of Guangdong province. He enjoys a special subsidy from State Department. Besides, he is the leader of the nation-level key subject “The basic subject of the clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, the instructor of Learning and Carrying on Famous TCM Expert’s Academic Experience and a consultant of the infection branch of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the infection(fever)committee of Guangdong province. He has also won lots of awards from the education committee.
Prof. Liu has plenty of clinical experience. He is expert in curing diseases relating to the internal medicine, pediatrics,warm disease and  especially good at curing syncope and delirium, diabetes,cough,epigastric pain,long-term low fever,fever of ear,nose and throat and the liver ailment. He has done profound researches on the science of epidemic febrile disease of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has made great contributions to the form and the development of “Febrile Disease in the South”; his learning and researches not only have important influence over Lingnan, Hong Kong, Macao, Tai Wan and countries in southeast of Asia, but also have great potential social and economic profits. The “Weibao”“Qianliebao” and “Wenghuadai Granules” developed by him have already created more than 1 million RMB income and now they are going to be developed better. During the battle with SARS in 2003 and 2004, Prof. Liu presented in the pest houses of Guangzhou Eighth Municipal People’s Hospital under the threat of being infected, using the theory of the science of epidemic febrile disease of Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat patients and instruct treatments. His achievements were reported many times and he was awarded Outstanding Individuals of Guangzhou. Prof. Liu edited , participated in compiling and instructed the compilation of the nation-level unified textbook 。Besides, he has published over 20 theses in the hard-core magazines above province-level and has instructed over 20 Masters and 8 Doctors. (source : Guanzhou University of TCM).