Lu Yuanlei (1894-1955)

Lu Yuanlei: modern physician (1894-1955) and educationalist of traditional Chinese medicine, who, being influenced by the school of confluent traditional Chinese and Western medicine, tried to quote Western medicine to prove ancient Chinese medical theories.  

Médecin de Shanghai, élève de Yun Tieqiao et théoricien de l’intégration des médecines chinoise et occidentale.
Il fait partie de la délégation envoyée au gouvernement de Nanjing le 17 décembre 1929 en réaction à la tentative d’abolition de la médecine chinoise (Wong Chinmin).
[source: Fu Weikang]

Lu Yuanlei (1894-1955): Native of Chuansha (now a county of Shanghai). Specialist in traditional Chinese medicine. Studied Literature first and then turned to learn traditional Chinese medicine from Yun Tieqiao. After liberation, Representative at the First National People’s Congress; Chairman of Shanghai Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He worked for a long time as a practising doctor and teacher of traditional Chinese medicine. He attached great academic value to classical ‘prescriptions and advocated the fusion of classical and modern knowledge. He wrote Modern Explanation of the Theory of Evial Influence, Modern Explanation of the Outline of Jin Gui, A Collection of Medical Papers Written by Doctor Lu, etc. 


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