Ma Shiming (1918-)
Ma Shiming, male, born in 1918 in Hangzhou, and a native of Wuxi; Jiangsu Province, was apprenticed to his uncle to learn traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) when he was twelve. He entered the Zhejiang Special School of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the age of fourteen. Two years later, he was transferred to Shanghai New China Medical College. After graduation he started his own private medical practice in Shanghai in the same year. He then entered the Tokyo Acupuncture School in Japan and stayed there for two years. In 1937; he came back and has practised in Wuxi, Shanghai and Hangzhou since then. He worked in the Central Clinic of Hangzhou from 1953 to 1956. From 1956, he worked in Hangzhou United Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (now the Municipal Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Hangzhou): Dr. Ma has much experience in the treatment of the sequela of encephalitis, infantile poliomyelitis, facial paralysis, enuresis, infantile diarrhoea and dysrnenorrhea. He has published some academic papers, ‘such as On the Techniques of Superficial Insertion with Frequent Rotation. Now he is an associate professor in the Acupuncture    . Department of Hangzhou Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. (source : Essentials of Contemporary Chinese Acupuncturist Clinical Experience. Beijing : Foreign Languages.1989)