Shi Huaitang (1922-)
Dr. Shi Huaitang, born in Changzi County, Shanxi Province, in 1922, began from his childhood to learn acupuncture in his family. He completed a one-year course in the Central Experimental Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion of the Ministry of Public Health in 1953. Then he became the chief of the Acupuncture Department, Internal Medicine Department and Massage Department of Shanxi Provincial Hospital. He wrote more than twenty major papers, including The Inheritance, Development and Clinical Application of the Nine Needles, and The Clinical Application of the Plum­blossom Needle and the Scalp Therapy. He is also the author of The Practical Acupuncture and Moxibustion. One of his papers The Reformation and Clinical Appli­cation of the Nine Needles received the scientific and technological achievement award of Shanxi Province. These nine needles of a new type have filled in gaps in the field of acupuncture therapy. For instance, the round magnetic needle treats phlebeurysma; the fire needle treats leukoplakia vulvae; and the fire blunt needle treats angioma. Now he is the director of the Shanxi Institute of Acupuncture and associate chief-physician. (source : Essentials of Contemporary Chinese Acupuncturist Clinical Experience. Beijing : Foreign Languages.1989)