Yan Youzhai (1916-)
Yan Youzhai, born in Guilin, Guangxi Province, in 1916, began to learn medicine in his fainily from his childhood. He graduated from Wuxi China Acupuncture Training Centre, Jiangsu Province, in 1934, and became a teacher of the Acupuncture Training Course run by Guangxi Autonomous Regional Bureau of Public Health in 1954, where he lectured New Acupuncture Therapy written by Dr. Zhu Lian; and spread the needle insertion technique with the help of tube. He is now an assistant doctor-in­chief of the Acupuncture Department of Nanxishan Hospital, Guangxi Province, vice-chairman of the Committee of Guangxi Regional Acupuncture and Moxibustion Association, chairman of the Committee of Guilin Acupuncture and Moxibustion Society, and advisor to the Hong Kong-China Acupuncture Association. (source : Essentials of Contemporary Chinese Acupuncturist Clinical Experience. Beijing : Foreign Languages.1989)