Yun Tieqiao (1878-1935)

Yun Tieqiao, also called Yun Shujue (1878-1935), a student of literature at first, who later, because of his poor health and the death of his children, went in for Chinese and Western medicine. Yun ran medical schools and took part in the campaign to oppose the defamation and I extermination of traditional Chinese medicine. He advocated supplementing Chinese medicine with Western medical theories. He wrote more than 20 books, such as Qun Jing Jian Zhi Lu (Wisdom Exposed in the Medical Classics), Shang Han Lun Yan Jiu (Research into Treatises on Cold-induced Diseases) and Mai Xue Fa Wei (Detailed Study of Pulse Lore).

Yun Tieqiao who originally translated English novels, became interested in Chinese medicine after his eldest son died. He published several works about the classic Shanghanlun. He established a Chinese medicine correspondence school in Shanghai in 1927 and published important works such as the Shengli Xinshu (New Work on Physiology) , Huolan Xinshu (New Work on Cholera), and Maixue Fawei (Disclosures on Pulsing). [source: Fu Weikang]

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This paper deals with the life of Yun Tieqiao (1878-1935). a distinguished doctor of TCM, who profoundly researched into the philosophical foundation, methodology, the view of disease and the therapeutic principles of TCM, and compared it with that of the western medicine. The author concludes that Yun played an important role in the development of the theoretical system in Chinese traditional medicine.
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