Zhang Heyuan (1934-)
Dr. Zhang Heyuan was born in Guiyang in 1934. She graduated from Guiyang Medical College in September 1957. From 1959, she studied traditional Chinese medicine at the first course of the Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Western Medical Doctors in Guizhou province for three years. In 1965, she studied wish the famous acupuncturist Professor Xia Senbo in Guizhou. She is good at using strychnine for point injection to treat various diseases with good results. Guided by Dr. Li Dongyuan’s "spleen and stomach theory," she has accumulated a great deal of experi­ence in acupuncture treatment. She is also good at treating gynecological diseases with auricular acupuncture and emphasizes the selection of points based on differentiation. She has published several papers, such as the Therapeutic Effects on Fifty-one Cases of Dilatation of Cervix with Auricular Acupuncture. Now, she is an associate professor and Director of the Acupuncture Research Office of Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a council member of Guizhou Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine. (source : Essentials of Contemporary Chinese Acupuncturist Clinical Experience. Beijing : Foreign Languages.1989)