Zhao Erkang (1913-)
Zhao Erkang, a native of Jiangyin County, Jiangsu Province, was born in July, 1913. In 1932, he began to learn acupuncture from Cheng Dan’an, an established acupuncture specialist. He worked as the acting head of the General Affairs and professor at the China Acupuncture Society, China Acupuncture School, Acupuncture Sanitorium run by Cheng Dan’an in 1935. In 1948 he established the All-China Acupuncture Society and opened an acupuncture clinic in Wuxi and started publication of Contemporary Acupuncture in 1952. Since 1959 he has successively served in the Acupuncture Institute, Medical Literature Research Section and the Journal of Tradi­tional Chinese Medicine. He has published about a dozen works, including Chinese Acupuncture, Acupuncture Therapy in Prose Poem, etc. Now he is one of the senior editors of the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, member of the Expert Consul­tative Committee of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. (source : Essentials of Contemporary Chinese Acupuncturist Clinical Experience. Beijing : Foreign Languages.1989)

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