Justus Doolittle (1824-1880)

American Board missionary to China.

Justus Doolittle was born in Rutland, New York on June 23, 1824. In 1846 he graduated from Hamilton College, and in 1849 from Auburn Theological Seminary. Having deliberately chosen China as his field of labor, he sailed for Fuhchau with his wife soon after graduation, and arrived there on May 31. In February, 1864, he left China for a visit to the United States on account of his health. In 1872 he entered the service of the Presbyterian Board at Shanghai, but was soon compelled to return home disabled. On June 15, 1880, he died in Clinton, New York.

Doolittle was most famous for his Social Life of the Chinese, a thorough and valuable work on the details of Chinese life. (source : wikipedia)


Social Life of the Chinese,with some accounts of their religious, governmental, educational and business customs and opinions with special but not exclusive reference to Fuhchau. Harper & Brothers, New York, 1865. Volume I & Volume II.

Le chapitre V du volume I : Miscellaneous Superstitions to cure the Sick.