Lee S(Joerds) Huizenga (1881-1945)

Huizenga„ Lee S(Joerds) (1881-1945). Medical missionary, born June 28, 1881, in Lioessens, Friesland, the Netherlands. Huizenga came to the United States in 1883 and grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He graduated from Calvin College and Seminary (Grand Rapids, Mich.) and Homeophatic Medical College (New York City), and studied at the New York Ophthalmic College. He was ordained in 1909. He was a pastor in Englewood, New Jersey, and a missionary to the Navaho Indians in New Mexico. He was a medical missionary under the Foreign Missionary Board of Christian Reformed Church in America in China from 1920 until his death. He served at Jukao from 1924 until 1937 and later served in Shanghai. He was interned by the Japanese from 1943 until 1945. He wrote Passing Out: An Autobiographical Sketch (Grand Rapids, Mich., 1946). Died July 25, 1945, in Shanghai, China. (source : The United States in Asia: A Historical Dictionary. Shavit D. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press Inc., 1990.

History of Leprosy in China. Huizenga, Lee S. National Quarantine Service Reports, Ser. V, 1934.

Lü Tsu and his relation to other medicine gods in chinese medical lore. Huizenga LS. Chinese Medical Journal. 1940;58:275-83.

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