Frederick Porter Smith (1833-1888).

Missionnaire protestant (Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society) à Hankou (1864-1871) où il ouvre le premier dispensaire dans le centre de la Chine.

In his 1867 Report, he note with great satisfaction « an increased interchange of ideas with the native medical faculty, by means of conventions, demonstrations, and mutual presents of books ». Mutual confidence and respect seem to have been established for the doctor continues that « the translation of spurious medical classics by some of the jesuit missionnaries had placed the medical science of china in a somewhat too unfavorable a light » and that « if we could persuade the chinese practionners to combine the study of the healthy human body with their own accumulated experience of disease and the effect of the drugs of a by no means scanty native materia medica we should achieve much good ». He himself embodied the fruits of his constant intercourse with the chinese practicioners and druggists and the knowledge gained throught exchange of drugs in a « Contribution towards the Materia Medica and Natural History of China for the use of Medical Missionaries and Native Medical Student » which remains for many years the standard work on the subjet. [Wong Chimin].

Porter Smith F. Chinese Materia Medica. Shanghai. 1871.
Traduction partielle du Pen ts’ao kang mu (Huard).


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