Auteur : Lei Xiao
Date : Vème siècle
« Le Traité de Lei sur la Préparation des Drogues » écrit par Lei Xiao au Ve siècle, dans lequel sont traitées les méthodes de préparation des drogues. C’est un des plus anciens livres existant à ce sujet.


1- gera: 44524/di/ra
 [A NEW EVIDENCE FOR THE WRITING DATE OF MASTER LEI’S ESSAY ON DRUG PROCESSING]. ZHU YA-PING. chinese journal of medical history. 1992,22(4),217 (chi*).
According to literature of Alchemy, this article made an argument on the view that Lei Gong Pao Zhi Lun was written during the Song dynasty in the 5th Century. With detailed analysis and demonstration for the time of establishment of "Zhou" (prefecture), the instruments and methods used in the preparation of Pharmaceuticals in the book, the article draws a conclusion, claiming that the book was written during the period from Queen Wu to Dai Zong of the Tang dynasty (686-762, AC), amended at the end of the Tang to the beginning of Song, and has close relations with the background of alchemy.