Aiguille d’or de 6 cun

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Aiguille d'or de 6 cun

Aiguille d’or de 6 cun

Aiguille d’or de 6 cun dans le traitement des lymphadénites cervicales : du 11GI (quchi) vers le 14GI (binao). Technique de Wang Leting. (voir Golden Needle Wang Le-ting: A 20th Century Master’s Approach to Acupuncture. Yu Hui-chan & Han Fu-ru. Traduction: Shuai, Xue-zhong. Boulder: Blue Poppy Press; 1997. [gera:94008]).

Wang Leting. Treatment of scrofula, windstroke and paraplegia in Essentials of contemporary chinese acupuncturists’ clinical experiences. Beijing: Foreign Languages Press. 1989:26-36.

[Clinical analysis on 200 cases of scrofula with treatment of six-cun-long golden needle]. Yu Huichuan et al. Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion. 1988;8(2):6.